"Go to the sign of Harvel's Axe, a dubious inn on the edge of the Thieves Quarter, in the City of Greyhawk, and look to your own wrist. If you perceive a bracelet and dangling dice, watch for the next throw in the war between Law and Chaos and be prepared to follow the compelling geas." -Signal

Monday, July 24, 2017

ICE - Space Master: Space Master Companion II

From the back cover:
  • "New professions such as the Bounty Hunter, the Combat Engineer, the Smuggler, etc.
  • An entirely new and different system for using psychic powers called PsiFire
  • New rules for Cybernetics
  • Hundreds of new weapons and devices to add to your Spacemaster game
  • Miscellaneous rules covering radiation, engineering skills, medical skills, force fields, new attack tables and even a few new psion lists
  • New attack tables for Power Tools, new critical tables for Power Tools and Power Armor"

Sunday, July 23, 2017

ICE - Space Master: Space Master Companion I

From the back cover:

"Space Master Companion I has something for every Space Master: The role playing game player:
11 new professions: Anarchist, artist, Con Artist, evolutionist, Investigator, Law Enforcer, Lawyer, Merchant, Rescue worker, Teacher, and Non Professional.

5 new background option tables covering everything from combat skills to special training and previous experience.

11 Accessory Tables:

Charts for generating allergies, defects, disorders,addictions, and handicaps for player characters and NPC's.

Many other optional rules:

Including armor systems guidelines, interstellar laws, combat situations, teleporters, time traveling and tons of new Space Master Gear"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

ICE - Shadow World: Master Atlas

From the back cover:

"The Shadow World Master Atlas contains:

- Information on races and creatures inhabiting the world
- Demons and artificial beings
- Complete Rolemaster Statistics
- Huge 3' X 4" Color Map
- Supplemental Spell lists
- Personalities: background & statistics
- Pantheons of gods & their followers

And in this Second Edition:

- 80 pages of additional material
- New interior art and layout
- Notes on the continents of Emer and Jaiman
- An updated, expanded timeline
- Detailed index
- Evil gods and malevolent cults"

Friday, July 21, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Rolemaster Companion III

From the website:

"Rolemaster Companion III was a book put out by Iron Crown Enterprise to supplement the core roles of their fantasy role-playing system Rolemaster.

This book includes new character classes, new weapons, new critical charts, new spell lists, new artifacts, new rules for initiative and mounted combat, and many other optional rules.

The new character classes include the bounty hunter, the assassin, the bashkar, the farmer, the duelist, the craftsman, the cavalier, the gypsy, the sailor, the warrior, the crafter, the noble warrior, the chaotic lord, the macabre, the montebanc, the moon mage, the sleuth, the professional, the crystal mage, the magus, and the dream lord,

The new critical strike charts include plasma, acid, physical alteration, depression, stress, shock, and disruption.

The new attack charts include the plasma bolt, the plasma ball, the nether bolt, and the nether ball."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Rolemaster Companion II

From the website:

"Rolemaster Companion II was a book put out by Iron Crown Enterprise to supplement the core roles of their fantasy role-playing system Rolemaster.

This book includes new character classes, many pages of new character skills, new spell lists, and obscure maneuver charts for things such as controlling fear of the undead, polevaulting, juggling, tightrope walking, and controlling lycantropy.

The new character classes include the dancer, the scholar, the trader, the beastmaster, the dervish, the warriormage, the necromancer, the warlock, the witch, the conjuror, the sage, the runemaster, the shaman, and additional information for the paladin."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Character Records

Cover/Jacket Text:

"Tired of thumbing through book after book and scribbling notes on notebook pages while designing your Rolemaster character? Ever wish you had all the information about your character-skills, skill costs, stats, spell lists, next-level developments, etc., all on a few well-organized pages? Wait no longer!

The Rolemaster Character Records are here.

Each profession's individual character sheets provide:

  • Specific development point costs and level bonuses for every Rolemaster skill, integrated into individualized character sheets for every Rolemaster character profession, up to and including Rolemaster Companion IV.
  • Expanded space for skill areas that are frequently broken down into more specific areas for professions which use them most.
  • Plenty of room to detail all of the facets of your favorite character, such as Armor Type, stats, Resistance Roll bonuses, physical and personality traits, equipment, spell lists, background, and modifiers of every type.
  • Extra room left for you to add your own original skills, spell lists, stats, and much more."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Rolemaster Companion

From the website:

"Rolemaster Companion was the first of several books put out by Iron Crown Enterprise to supplement the core roles of their fantasy role-playing system Rolemaster.

This book includes new character classes, new character races, new character skills, new creatures, a smoothed stat bonus distribution table, martial arts fumble charts, an action time requirement chart, many new spell lists, a discussion of arcane magic, a discussion of city design, and obscure items such as conception and birth injury charts.

The new character classes include the paladin, the burglar, the barbarian, the high warrior monk, the archmage, the nightblade, and the delver.

The new races include bear tribe, dark tribe, northmen, artic men, mixed men, grey elves, dark elves, aquatic elves, tallfellow halflings, stout halflings, half-dwarves, half-orcs, half-orges, half-trolls, and six new types of half-elves."

Monday, July 17, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Heroes and Rogues

From the website:

"Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues is a supplemental book for the Rolemaster game system. The book includes a detailed history of 24 Rolemaster characters at development levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20, so that a character or non-player character can easily be inserted into a campaign with characters of various levels.

The 24 characters include two fighters, two thieves, two rogues, two warrior monks, a no profession character, a magician, an illusionist, an alchemist, a cleric, an animist, a healer, a mentalist, a lay healer, a seer, a sorcerer, a mystic, an astrologer, a monk, a ranger, and a bard.

The book also includes a skin coloration chart, a hair and eye color chart, a vision strength chart, a mental stability chart, a mental afflictions chart, simplified height and weight charts, and equipment charts."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Elemental Companion

From the website:

"This book is a supplement to Iron Crown's Rolemaster magic system Spell Law and guide.

The book also serves a supplement to the books Character Law and Creatures & Treasures, providing additional magical character classes and elemental-based monsters including dragons.

Finally, the book also provides encyclopedic mathematical charts and calculations along with knowledge of various elemental forces including aether, air, chaos, cold, dark, earth, electricity, fire, gravity, heat, ice, inertia, light, nether, nexus, plasma, spirit, time, vacid, vibration, water, and wind."

Saturday, July 15, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Creatures & Treasures II

From the back cover:

"Creatures & Treasures II is a Rolemaster (1st, 2nd & Classic Editions) bestiary offering complete descriptions and game stats for hundreds of fantasy beasts, including: Composite Monsters, Artificial Beings, and Entities from Deep Space! Also included are revised and reformatted guidelines for generating random treasure hoards, along with a huge listing of Modest, Potent, Most Potent, and Artifact magic items. There are also a number of random encounter charts specifically designed for the monsters found in this volume.

Creatures & Treasures II, in the tradition of the immensely popular original C&T, is an invaluable supplement offering information and stats for the three key elements of fantasy role playing: creatures, treasures, and encounters. Although designed for use with the Rolemaster systems, it is easily adaptable to most other major role playing systems. As a bonus, this book provides a section on incorporating magic items into adventure narrative?a great aid for most GMs!

Creatures & Treasures II includes:

* Game statistics, descriptions, and illustrations for a wide variety of fantasy animals and beasts.
* Tables for generating random treasures and encounters.
* Descriptions for a multitude of magic items."

Friday, July 14, 2017

ICE - Rolemaster: Black Ops

From the back cover:

"Black Ops is the first RMSS genre book and details the modern day world of covert operations. Like all genre books, this book will give you new rules for creating characters and handling combat, as well as details on the genre itself.

Here is what you will find inside...
  • Three new professions for characters in the modern world and five normal RMSS professions, revised and updated for the modern setting.
  • Twenty new training packages for characters in the modern world to develop. (Also, new rules on training packages for the modern genre.)
  • Guidelines for using RMSS skill system, background options, and Weapon Law with Black Ops.
  • Details on modern equipment, terrorism, counter-terrorism, and intelligence agencies.
  • 3 sample adventures and several min-adventures.
  • Complete guidelines for using Black Ops with RMSS."

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ICE - The Tower of Cirith Ungol, and Shelob's Lair

From inside the book:

"Within a reeking, dark tunnel at the summit of the pass lurks a primeval monstrosity, the devourer of Men and Elves -- Shelob, the Greatest of the Great Spiders. ... On one side of the bridge of Minas Ithil stands tall and proud, offering refuge and pleasures. On the other side lie perils of Cirith Ungol and Mordor, where the valiant and skillful may win renown -- or lose their lives trying!"

Monday, July 10, 2017

ICE - Rangers of the North: The Kingdom of Arthedain

From the website:

"Rangers of the North: The Kingdom of Arthedain is a source book for use with the Middle Earth Role Playing Game (MERP).

This source book contains a mountain of information on the people and area of Arthedain, as well as many adjoining regions. It covers Arthedain in it's fight against the Witch King of Angmar, as well as the areas of Bree, the Shire, the North Downs, the Gray Havens, and many more. As well as copious notes on the people and cultures who call these places home. There are stats for people of note, including Aragorn, and there are layouts and maps of sites of interest.

Rangers of the North also includes a set of 6 ready-to-run adventures, covering different periods, including the Fourth Age. As well as a set of adventure ideas."

Sunday, July 9, 2017

ICE - Lorien & the Halls of the Elven Smiths

From the back cover:

"LÓRIEN contains:

8 FULL COLOR PAGES: Campaign across the perilous Misty Mountains on 4 Regional Maps or delve into intrigue in 3 great cities.

12 MAJOR LAYOUTS: Explore Citadels, Manors, Ruins, and of course the Halls of the Jewel Smiths, each an ideal adventure site laden with traps and treasure.

ELVEN HISTORY AND BACKGROUND: Learn about the lore and nature of Elves, with the extensive material on the noble Noldor, proud Sindar, and mystical Silvan lines.

THE THREE RINGS OF POWER: Read about three of Middle-earth's greatest magic items, the story of the making of the Rings, and a complete description of NENYA, the Water-ring."

Saturday, July 8, 2017

ICE - Northern Mirkwood: The Wood Elves Realm

From the front cover:

"This package details all of the NORTHERN WILDERLAND and includes
  • 6 major layouts
  • a 16" x 20" full-color double-sided detachable mapsheet, side #1 of which depicts settings from THE HOBBIT, side #2 maps out LAKE TOWN, DALE, and a Wood-elf village
Journey if you dare through the shadowy depths of Mirkwood, encounter Great Eagles, Giant Spiders, Bears, Wolves, and the Dragons of the Withered Heath."

Friday, July 7, 2017

ICE - Middle Earth Campaign Guide

From the back of the book:


A full-color 24" x 36" poster map of Middle-earth, including the wild lands - north, south, and east - and a superimposed reference grid.

Descriptions of the principal inhabitants of Middle-earth, including: a language tree and linguistic data; cultural notes; and an in depth time line.

Maps and notes on Middle-earth's topography, climate, trade routes, and population centers.

Guidelines for incorporating Middle-earth into any major role playing system."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

ICE - The Iron wind

From inside the front cover:

"This is the first of the Loremaster Series, a group of fantasy aids designed to each provide the background for a complete campaign of any level. Laid out for your players on the four-color map are no less than 5 dungeons and 3 cities through which they may search for riches or death. But worlds are not all towers and dungeons, so the Loremaster series provides the cultural and political background for a series of wilderness adventures as the players journey across the map learning about their world.

Two maps (scale 1" = 20 miles) are provided, one labeled with suggested locations for each city or dungeon, so that you can release to the players just the information their characters might actually have. The dungeons and citadels are shown in sinister perspectives and laid out with numbered, keyed, floorplans - ready for you, as Gamemaster, to people them with creatures that will provide an appropriate challenge for your players.

A second volume in this series is currently in development to allow you to widen the scope of your player's adventures and more will be forthcoming. Also available (by Spring '81) is a full-color continental map done in the same style as the back cover of this booklet. Ten million square miles of forests, savannas, steppes, deserts, mountains, islands plains and lakes on a 24" x 36" poster-sized map. Look for it at your hobby store."

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ICE - HARP: Martial Law

From the back of the book:

"Death Destruction & Mayhem... the Way of the Warrior!

How do monsters and magic affect weapons, armour and fighting styles?

Martial Law breaks new ground in the field of fantasy role playing combat rules. Martial Law expands the fast dramatic combat of HARP (High adventure Role Playing) to include detailed location criticals.

Martial Law also includes a section on creating and playing warriors in fantasy settings and cool new moves and equipment for fighters."

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ICE - HARP: Loot: A Field Guide

From the back cover:

"Loot: A Field Guide explores the myriad ways of creating the magical items so near and dear to our hearts. The book include, but is not limited to, rules for:
  • Item Enchantment
  • Artifacts
  • Intelligent Items
  • Potions
  • Talismans
  • Magical Runes"

Monday, July 3, 2017

ICE - HARP: Core Rulebook

From publisher blurb:

"Heroes Wanted, No Previous Experience Required. On the Job Training Provided. Flexible Hours. Travel Opportunities. Profit Sharing. Health Plan. You Kill it, you Loot it.

Are you ready for action, excitement and adventure? Then you're ready for High Adventure Role Playing: Fantasy.

HARP Fantasy brings you all the flexibility, simplicity, and drama you crave. HARP Fantasy has everything you love about fantasy role-playing: flexible character creation, exciting combat, critical hits, potent magic and challenging foes.

Drawing upon years of actual play from the fan base, HARP Fantasy is an enhanced version of the original HARP game published in 2003 and 2004, with many improvements to the rules without compromising fast and fun gameplay.

  • Fast, Exciting Character Creation – choose from nine professions, six races, and seven cultures, and dozens of skills and talents
  • Combat that leaves you breathless with one roll combat resolution
  • Truly flexible and dynamic scalable spell system
  • A bestiary of diverse monsters to challenge any adventurer
  • A veritable treasure hoard of magic items, mystical herbs and deadly poisons
  • Rules for fantasy adventuring and guidance on customising the rules to suit your needs
  • Compatible with HARP SF
  • Everything you need to play in one book"

Sunday, July 2, 2017

ICE - HARP: College of Magics

From the back of the book:

"College of Magics

The college of Mages is now accepting qualified students interested in learning the art and craft of Magic. If you have demonstrated an aptitude for Magic, then we urge you to enroll today. Novices are welcome.

The College of Magics expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic. Among the topics that the book covers are: What is magic and how does it work?

This product introduces new types of magic, including natural magic, alchemy and enchantment. The college of Magics also includes rules for designing new spells; new HARO spells, and a primer on temporary and permanent magic item design. And of course new professions: The Magician, The Elementalist, The Vivimancer, The Thaumaturge, and the Necromancer."

Saturday, July 1, 2017

ICE - Future Law

From the back cover:

"FUTURE LAW includes: a complete character development system, data on races from the far corners of the universe, information for setting up cultures, planetary & galactic governments, a system for generating planets & solar systems, & a complete adventure scenario."

Friday, June 30, 2017

ICE - Fantasy Hero: Fantasy Hero Companion

From the website:

"Expanding on the core rules in Fantasy Hero, this supplement adds the following:
- Rules for a mass combat system.
- Example locations.
- Over 75 creatures in an expanded bestiary.
- Detailed magic items from simple to artifacts.
- 12 wizard colleges and 1 priest college with hundreds of new spells."

Thursday, June 29, 2017

ICE - Cyberspace: CyberSkelter

From the back of the book:

"Shards of glass and metal spin away from the vid-phone booth as hundreds of exploding rounds are pumped into it by black- and silver-clad bikers.

The interior of the nightclub is quickly transformed into a volcanic nightmare as the sound of the bikers’ detonating ammunition drowns out the club’s already ear-splitting musical onslaught. Patrons, garbed in psychedelic fashions, rush the exits. But they’re too late. A fire fight erupts throughout the building, splattering dancers, drinkers, bodyguards and bikers across the club’s walls and tables.

It’ll be another high body count night in the Sprawl.

This Cyberventure Mission File provides you with four linked adventures forming an extended cyber campaign. Starting off with a tough knock-off job in San Francisco, characters are swept into a series of adventures which take them from Berlin to Bombay. Several NPCs and organizations which debuted in previous Cyberspace' products find their way into the pages of Cyberskelter. Cyberskelter provides you with everything you'll need to run the following scenarios:

- Cooking With Fats
- Berlin Tear Down
- The Twitch
- Izabella"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ICE - Cyberspace: Cyber Europe

From their website:

"Cyber Europe

The year is 2090 and the place is the Federal State of Europe. Thirty-six countries from Iceland to Georgia have been blended into a caustic, volatile melting pot. Governed by aristocrats, who are in turn ruled by executive slime, the European Community exists at the edge of depravity and despotism. Dare you cross its war-torn borders?

In Cyber Europe, you can unlock the secrets of the Vatican’s anti-terrorist force, get thrown into a Kriminalbezirk, join Sondergruppe 9, fight the deadly Kampfmaschine, and run into blood-thirsty members of the Neuhitlerjugend.

Cyber Europe culminates with an intriguing adventure which sets players on a quest to recover the holy Christian artifact, the Spear of Destiny.

This sourcebook provides you with the following:

  • A wealth of source material on the European Community and its strong-willed neighbors
  • Numerous NPCs and organizations deeply rooted in the mystique and history of this great continent.
  • Information on warfare, law enforcement and crime
  • A complete adventure which sends players from the cultural heart of Cyber Europe to the frozen waters off Norway in an epic quest"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ICE - Cyberspace: Chicago Arcology

From the Back of the Book:

"A sickly yellow-brown haze smothers the south-western coastline of Lake Michigan. Radioactive sludge washes up on Chicago's shore, while heartland waifs infest its labyrinthine buildings. Wake-up, sprawlkid, another day on the streets awaits.

In 2090, the third largest Sprawlzone in the United States is centered on the urban megalopolis of Chicago. At the heart of this depraved hive of crime and decay rises an enduring temple to Megacorporate power: New Edison's Chicago Arcology. It forms a completely self-contained and safe environment for Chicago's New Edison employees and their families.

Outside, street gangs and urban homeless crowd the gutter districts. Here they breed enmity and contempt for Megacorp suits and Arcology dwellers alike. When the two cultures collide, violent fits of rampaging destruction result, so be warned.

This sourcebook provides you with the following:

A 17" x 22" full color map of the Chicago Sprawl.
A wealth of source materiel on this huge Sprawlzone.
Numerous layouts, NPCs, and organizations centered in New Edison's Chicago Arcology project.
A level-by-design description of the Arcology Mall.
Three complete scenarios introducing players to the Chicago Arcology."

Monday, June 26, 2017

ICE - Cyberspace: The Body Bank

From the back of the book:

"Metal-crunching chords of Hard Copy cybermusic grind through the thrash-hall crowd of bongs and sprawlkids.

At times both perverse and lackadaisical, the members of Philanthropic Epitaph plow through their mind-bending set of Hard Copy psycha-rock. At the back of the club, four members of The Cat House, a San Francisco subterfuge team, plot their next corporate strike. Winding their way through the throng of gyrating dancers are a host of other noteworthy personalities. Today the actions of these people span the sewer lines and the conference rooms, but they'll all wind up in the Body Bank. Someday.

This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides YOU with a number of down and dirty NPCs, ready to be dropped into any cyber campaign.

An artist's rendering depicts each personality in The Body Bank.- 16 of them in Full Color!

The Body Bank contains 27 characters with the following features:
  • Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, attitude, equipment, background and undertakings are provided in concise text.
  • Stats & Specs: Each character is given his or her game statistics, modifiers, combat specs and more.
  • Groups: Two organizations are examined in The Body Bank: Philanthropic Epitaph and The Cat House."

Sunday, June 25, 2017

ICE - CyberSpace: CyberRogues

From the website:

"This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides GMs with a number of new and nasty NPCs, ready to be dropped into any campaign. And because each personality is provided with his or her full game statistics, background and equipment listings, players may use these characters as PCs for one-shot adventures or extended gaming sessions.

An artist's rendering depicts each CyberRogue - 16 of them in Full Color!

CyberRogues contains 30 characters with the following features:
  • Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, attitude, equipment, historical background and current undertakings are provided in clear, concise text.
  • Stats & Specs: Each character is rendered down to his or her game statistics, midifiers, combat specs and more.
  • Skills: Important skills and languages are all listed with their corresponding bonuses."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

ICE - Cyberspace: Sprawlgangs & Megacorps

From the back of the book:

"This Cyberspace Sourcebook provides GMs and players with invaluable information on some of the Sprawl's most deadly inhabitants: gang members and corporate entities alike. Inside you'll find statistics and background data on the following:

- 20 Sprawlgagngs: Ruthless bands of street people who challenge authority – not with the tact of boardroom maneuvering, but with brute force and animal cunning.
- 16 Megacorps: An international listing – these global powers control vast and irresistible resources. In-depth analyses of current assets and operations are provided.
- 5 Organizations: A selection of powers that fall into the slim gray area between the haves and the have-nots.
- 7 Personalities: An offering of Patron, Neutral and Hostile NPCs that may be added to any campaign."

Friday, June 23, 2017

ICE - Creatures & Treasures

From the website:

"Creatures & Treasures was a book put out by Iron Crown Enterprise as part of their core rules for the fantasy role-playing game Rolemaster. It consists of six primary sections: intro, creatures, treasures, encounters, conversion notes, and miscellaneous.

The intro explains the contents of the rest of the book and identifies its use for Rolemaster Fantasy and Middle-earth Role Playing (1st & 2nd Editions) (aka MERP).

The creature section is further broken down into the main categories: animal, monster, and intelligent races. The animals list is fairly comprehensive and includes everything from antelope to wolverines. In the monster section the reader discovers dragons, constructs, the Undead, planar beings, dinosaurs, and other creatures to befoul a campaign. The intelligent races cover giant-kind, underground, fairy and unusual races. Rules are provided to the Gamemaster for creating his or her own monsters.

The treasure section provides information for creating and generating treasure. A wide range of particularly potent and artifact-style treasure items are also described.

The encounters section provides guidance and tables for generating random encounters.

The conversion notes detail instructions for converting Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) (a level based system) and RuneQuest (1st & 2nd Editions) (a skill based system) monsters to their Rolemaster / MERP equivalents (level & skill based systems).

The miscellaneous section rounds out the book with tables for racial abilities, resistance rolls, and encounters based on terrain, population density, and travel mode.

There are several joke monsters for the observant reader. These monsters include such beings as the Red Skeleton (a class VI skeleton whose attacks are defined as: 300Joke35/350Pun35/250Pie3), the killer rabbit, and the vampire bunny."

Thursday, June 22, 2017

ICE - Character law (1st Edition)

From the website:

"Character Law, 1st Edition is an original Rolemaster core rulebook which is essentially a player's manual without detailed information about magic or weapons while the book Campaign Law is essentially a gamemaster's guide. Topics include character creation, character classes, character races, character skills, and a price chart."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ICE - Character Law & Campaign Law

From the website:

"Character Law & Campaign Law, 2nd Edition combined Iron Crown's Rolemaster books Character Law and Campaign Law into one book entitled "Character Law & Campaign Law". The Character Law portion of the book is essentially a player's manual without detailed information about magic or weapons while the Campaign Law portion is essentially a gamemaster's guide. The book also includes additional information not included in either of the previous two books.

Topics include character creation, character classes, character races, character skills, price charts, special skills, an enchanted herb list, encounter charts, and various campaign dynamics."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ICE - Campaign Law

From the website:

"Campaign Law, 1st Edition is an original Rolemaster core rulebook which is essentially a Gamemaster's guide without detailed information about character development, magic, or weapons while the book Character Law is essentially a player's guide. This book includes information about setting up and running a campaign and information about gods, plants, and animals. The book also includes an encounter chart, a list of character secondary skills, an equipment list, a list of enchanted herbs, weather charts, a trading chart, and a sample adventure."

Monday, June 19, 2017

ICE - Arms Law (2nd Edition)

From the website:

A 10-page saddle stapled book with 22 card-stock sheets of tables. The second edition of Arms Law added several sections to the first edition rules:
  • Mounted Combat
  • Pole Arms
  • Thrown Weapons and Missiles in Melee
  • Two-Weapon Combinations
  • Bow Preparation Time
  • Changes to First Edition Tables
  • Rules for Animal Attacks (until Claw Law is published)
  • Conversion Notes to Use Arms Law with AD&D

Sunday, June 18, 2017

ICE: ... and a 10-Foot Pole

From the back cover:

"Everything you need and more!

Welcome to Imperial Jack's Trading Post! In this one of a kind shop, you will find everything you need and more!

Your company is readying for that overland journey. How much does a barrel cost?

Your gumshoe is hot on the trail of the mad scientist, but must stop at the bar to talk to his informant. How much does the beer cost?

Your musketeer has served the king of France for more than a decade. But the incident in the church proved costly. Now you must replace all those destroyed religious implements. How long does it take to make a brazier anyway?

The ignorant peasants have no idea that you are a powerful alchemist on the edge of making the most important discovery of all time. But you must have three more rolls of copper wire...

This is the ultimate equipment sourcebook for use with any RPG system! On these pages, you will find full equipment lists for all eras, from Stone Age to Modern. Each era has its own list showing prices for the era as well as production time and availability. In addition, each list is sorted by type of product: from food products to weapons and armor.

Here are some of the other cool things found inside:

A discussion of technology in each era (which helps to define an era).
Over 1,200 illustrations.
Listings of equipment broken down by historical era.
Many, many listed items of equipment -- from a dozen eggs, to canned milk, to steamer trunks, to   pocket calculators, etc."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

ICE - Alchemy Companion

From the back cover:

"Alchemy Companion (AlC) consolidates and supplements Rolemaster's classic system for creating magic items. AlC gives gamemasters many new enhancements for the Alchemists in their campaign, while it gives players new options for the manipulation of magic. There's something for everyone interested in objects of power and for those who fabricate them. Prepare to expand your horizons with the Alchemy Companion!

Within this Grimoire you'll find:
  • Complete rules which make Alchemy a vibrant part of your campaign.
  • New methods, options, and procedures devoted to creation of magic items.
  • Detailed information on how to craft your own unique, individual Alchemy system. Simulate everything from authentic Medieval practices to high-powered magical environments.
  • Dozens of new skills, Static Action Tables, Critical Strikes, and Item Creation Charts all relating to Alchemy. Includes a Magical Item Interaction Critical Strikes Table for resolving simultaneous multiple item usage.
  • More than fifteen new professions illustrating the rich varieties of Alchemists within different cultures; from Grand Viziers and Thaumaturges to Evil Alchemists and Charlatans--they're all here!
  • Plus, over 70 new spell lists containing more than 1500 spells, all dealing with the High Art of Alchemy!"

Friday, June 16, 2017

I13: Adventure Pack 1

From the back of the module:

"DMs, do you wish you had more time to put together fresh, innovative adventures for your players? Have you ever been stuck for a new plot line, but been unwilling to delve into the reading and preparation required by full-length modules?

YSR Inc. proudly presents a new AD&D game accessory designed for the DM who wants variety and challenge for player characters. Adventure Pack I contains 12 short modules, each a complete stand-alone adventure. The scenarios are unique and unusual; they will intrigue characters of all levels, and offer a variety of settings and plots for the DM to choose from.

These adventures are suitable for one-time play, or can be inserted into your campaign at any time. Each module includes one or more maps, background for the DM, NPC capsules, and complete encounter descriptions. The scenarios are designed for a specific range of player character levels, and can easily be made more or less difficult if necessary. Now, with a minimum of preparation, you can give your player characters a challenge that will last for as little as one day of game time or months of it. DMs are sure to find Adventure Pack I convenient, innovative, and invaluable!"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I11: Needle

From the back cover:

"The king's notice asked for adventurers to undertake a mission to a far land. It was marked with the rune for "high danger, high reward" so of course you volunteered.

The king has heard of a great obelisk that towers over a ruined city in a far country. He wants to know more about the obelisk and its strange powers. Your job is to find the obelisk and bring back a report to the king. The mission seems absurdly easy...until you reach the jungle.

Don't think the king is through with you if you get back to the capital city alive. You haven't seen the last of that jungle yet. Is a share in the spoils of an ancient civilization worth the risk?

Don't forget to pack your bug repellent!

An adventure for 6-8 Characters, Levels 8-10"

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I10 Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill

From the back cover:


Your screams still echo in your room. Cold sweat soaks the bedsheets and trickles down your back.

It seemed so real! The great towers of a darksome place called Ravenloft ... it's misty vales and the terrible tragedy of a man who had sold his soul to unlife. Now the sunlight streams through the window with the promise of a new day. The dread nightmare at last is over.

In the cold sunlight of a dying autumn, you step from your room at the inn and stroll along the friendly streets of Mordentshire. But, from the back of your mind the dream creeps forward to haunt you. Why do the faces of those who have befriended you now seem those of strangers? Why do those who called you here in terror, now seem to dismiss your task as a folly?

More .. why are you advised so strongly, to forget about the House on Gryphon Hill ... the domain of the fair haired Count Von Zarovich, a name that cries out from your dark nightmare?

You halt, as the swirl of events grow more confusing with every passing minute. Which is the dream ... and which the reality?"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I9: Day of Al'Akbar

From the back cover:

"The land of Arir — a once peaceful desert country, dotted with oases, teeming with caravans — fell into the hand of infidels. The ruler, the dearly loved Sultan Amhara, was killed in the battle for the capital city of Khaibar. He left behind one of the greatest treasure stores ever amassed — jewels and coins, more than anyone had ever seen before or since — and in addition, the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar.

A deadly plague sweeps your land. The holy men say that if only they had the Talisman, they could create cures for this dread disease. Many adventurers have tries and failed to find the Cup and Talisman. Now it is your turn. Find these treasures, and save your people!

The journey is exciting, but treacherous. Do not be distracted by exotic sights and sounds, the strange foods. You must avoid being discovered by Al'Farzikh and his brigands, as you infiltrate the palace. Be wary — what is most beautiful may be most deadly, and what seems useless may be priceless."

Monday, June 12, 2017

I7: Baltron's Beacon

Excerpt from the back cover:

"A strangely delivered advertisement has led you to a sage named Demetrios. He needs a rare component to complete a desperately needed potion. The journey to retrieve it will take you through a large, unexplored swamp to a ruined keep, the former headquarters of a vile cult that once claimed the lives of many innocent youths"

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I4: Oasis of the White Palm

Excerpt from the back cover:

Tired and sore, you struggle over the burning sands toward the long-forgotten city. Will you reach the place in time to save yourselves from the evil Efreeti? The sun beats down, making your wounds stiff and worsening the constant thirst that plagues anyone who travels these waterless wastes. But there is hope -- are those the ruins over there?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I, Mordred D20

From the back cover:

"In Ancient England, a tyrant king holds the land in the grip of fear. With the might of a magical sword and the threatened return of a long-dead sorcerer, this fiend holds the noble, the good, and the true in his sway, squelching the will of the people and denying the claim of the rightful heir to the throne. The villain's name is Arthur.

Return to a world you only think you know. I, Mordred returns to the original legends of King Arthur as a mad dictator, clinging to power through use of his enforcers, the Knights of the Round Table. His son, Mordred, is the rightful heir and struggles to amass an army in the name of justice to usurp his father's throne. And in the background, Arthur's wicked half-sister, Morgan le Fey, schemes to control England's ultimate destiny. This is a land crumbling in decay, desperately in search of heroes."

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hollow World - HWR1: Sons of Azca

From the publisher:

"The Sons of Azca is the first in a new series of accessories describing realms of the Hollow World setting. This begins where GAZ14 ends and details the Kingdom of Azca region. This product includes a player section, a referee guide and an adventure section."

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hero Wars: Orlanth Is Dead!

From the publisher:

"Orlanth is Dead!, begins the Sartar Campaign with an epic conflict against the Lunar Empire. Whitewall has fallen, and all across Dragon Pass the winds have stopped. As winter deepens and spring fails to come, the rebellion begins in southern Sartar at the supernatural struggle later known as the Battle of Iceland. Despite the epic scope of this Great Event, it is not just for the demigod types, but for any hero who might attain such status! Where will you be when the Hero Wars begin?

Also includes a timeline of the Sartar Campaign, secrets of Kallyr Starbrow and the many Argraths, a Clan Questionnaire, a magical keyword for Yelmalio, and Hero Wars statistics for eight great leaders of the rebellion.

Orlanth is Dead! is the second book of the Sartar Rising campaign. It builds upon the information provided in Barbarian Adventures, the first book of the Sartar Rising series."

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How the Mighty Are Fallen

From the back cover:

"How the Mighty Are Fallen is an adventure designed for use with the Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed campaign setting (which is required to play this adventure). Within these pages, the final heroes of Netheril can:
  • Gather the components that Karsus requires for casting his "most wondrous" spell, the only 12th-level spell ever known. He just needs a few body parts from two creatures - a gold dragon and the Tarrasque.
  • Reunite lost lovers after they have been separated by death. Nopheus's wife was killed in a magical explosion, and now he's finally saved enough money for her to be resurrected. Certainly a dead body couldn't pose a threat to a band of stalwart heroes?!
  • Follow the winds of Fate to wherever Tyche delivers them. Numerous side adventure allow players to take their characters to a variety of different locations. Some heroes might want to follow the trail of the missing nether scrolls, while others might want to join the resistance and fight Karsus and the other archwizards. But only the bravest hearts can take the first step...."

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hostile Climes: Depths of Despair

From the back of the book:

"The Depths of Despair(TM) is the first in a series of D20 System(TM) setting books featuring isolated and dangerous environments--"Hostile Climes"--that may be dropped into any fantasy campaign! Inside is a detailed setting featuring a city at the bottom of a whirlpool and the caverns beneath, new skills, feats, gear, prestige classes, monsters, and a complete adventure to drop into your campaign right away!"

Monday, June 5, 2017

Horizon: Redline

Publisher Blurb:

"Play a grim road warrior, a clever techie, a feral child, or a barbaric 'zerker in the cutting-edge, fuel-injected, post-apocalyptic world of Redline, the first in Fantasy Flight Games' Horizon line of d20 mini-games. Scrape all the salvage, wit, and bullets you can as you scream across desert highways and access "guzzlines" to fuel your vehicles and stay on the move to keep ahead of bandits, the red dust, and Mr. Death himself!"

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Hole Delver's Catalog

From the back cover:

" Players, are you tired of going into a shop and only being able to buy a sword, a shield, a pack, a tent, another generic piece of equipment? Wouldn't it be nice to get hold of something special for a change? GameMasters, want to offer something different?

Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase! Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase! Then just peruse this paltry portion of paraphernalia we propose you purchase!

That's right, say it three times in a row and win the opportunity to buy this little beauty."

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